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Moles burrow in lawns, creating a system underground tunnels as they are searching for their food. As they dig, they can damage plants, but the major problem is the mounds and ridges from their tunnels.

Voles, also called meadow mice, can cause extensive damage when they move into yard. Voles don't hibernate and are active year-round. If you've got moles or voles in your yard, Bugs & Turf 4 Less Services Inc. can help.
Mole Damage
Vole Damage
BUGS & TURF 4 LESS Services Inc. has a 4 step service plan for taking care of your mole / vole problems. We service in the Spring time, Mid-Summer, Fall and Winter to maintain the best control of these destructive lawn pests.

At BUGS & TURF 4 LESS Services Inc., we use mole repellent granules or liquid. When it is ingested (as they eat the insects in your lawn) it irritates the mole's digestive system. This "irritation" drives the mole out of the treated area. The granules do not harm either the mole or the grubs and worms the moles eat.

This method, we feel, is superior to the available alternatives, such as trapping or using poisons. The problem with using traps is that the tunnel that was made last night very likely is not a nesting tunnel and it won't be reused again by the mole. You end up playing a maddening game of mole chase as you move the trap from yesterday's tunnels to today's, and then you likely are doing it all over again tomorrow. Poisons are often in the form of pellets, and since moles eat insects, this formulation is not a favored source of food. Besides, poisons should be the last choice,not the first.

• Mole Control Program: $90 Initial Service, $55 per service for Regular Maintenance Service
BUGS & TURF 4 LESS Services Inc. Mole control service program consists of 2 applications during the initial treatment (within 30 days) & then a spring, summer, fall & winter application. The product is biodegradable and will not harm animals, birds, plants or humans. If re-infestation of moles appears between regular services, just call us & we will come back out to reapply the treatment at no additional cost. Our product repels the moles out of the treated area; does not kill or harm the moles.

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